Wanna be in Effing Dykes?

Hello you gorgeous mos!

Would you like to be in the pictures on Effing Dykes?


OMG then you should send me your pictures!!! 


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Here's what we're lookin' for:

Real pictures of real queers.  

Hanging out at the bar, dancing, cuddling small animals, funny shit, close-ups, kissy pictures, arty pics.

Basically anything, as long it involves somebody queer.

I especially need photos of: 

Queers of color. 

Queers who are older than 35.  

Queers making actual facial expressions.  

Queers doing fun shit.

Unposed, candid shots. 
[thanks s.h.]

Coupla of basic guidelines:

1)  All photos need to be either a JPEG or a PNG. 72 dpi, no larger than 600 x 800 pixels.  

For those of you that don't speak photography:  Small file.  Low resolution. 

2)  Please only send your own pictures, meaning pictures that you took. 

3)  By sending the picture, you agree to my posting it. I will never share it with anyone else.

4)  If you want me to credit it, make sure there's a way I can credit your work. 

So either a) a link or b) your name.

5)  No graphically sexual pics that I could never post.(Send those to my Insta DM, WINK WINK.) 

6)  If there's someone else in the picture, obviously, obviously make sure they understand it might go on the internet and ask if that's OK with them

I may post every picture you've ever sent me.  

I may not post anything you send me.  

Cool. OK, one last thing:

I have enough pictures of lesbians gazing soulfully into the camera, flashing gang signs, and doing duckface to last me the rest of my life.

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Ready for examples?
Here we go!

[thanks e.f.]

[via antiduckface]
[thanks aj]


This is gonna be great!

Feel free to send as many as you want! 


Can't wait to see you!!